Friday, August 3, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom Day

Tonight I am going to see Moonrise Kingdom. It's screening as part of MIFF, and it's sold out bishes! I have learnt from past MIFF experiences that anything popular will sell out lightning fast, so I bought my tickets the first day they were on sale, and have been feeling pretty smug ever since (although the film is going to be out in Australian cinemas in a few weeks anyway). It takes a while for non-blockbustery films to reach us downunder,  so I've already just about overdosed on Moonrise Kingdom imagery. Still excited to see it however! And I have been enjoying these photos of the cast while not in character, from the film premiere at Cannes, and of Kara Hayward and Bill Murray for Harpers Bazaar.


  1. I live in NYC and saw this the week it came out here (a month ago!) --it is so good..better in every way than you can possibly imagine! Enjoy! :o)

  2. how was it????! im so insanely jealous you've already seen it. im still waiting.............................

    1. It was so great! I was worried that my expectations were too high, but it lived up to them. I loved it.

      icecream_birds - you were right!


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