Friday, April 11, 2014

Looking Back

Another new show I've been enjoying lately is Looking. I love shows that really reflect where they're filmed, and Looking makes San Francisco look so beautiful. Especially those amazing old wooden buildings.

I never got around to sharing any photographs from my trip to San Francisco. These are all way old now, but better late than never. Mr Meet-Cute and I spent two nights in San Francisco, and we packed a whole lot into that time. These were all taken around the Haight Ashbury on the afternoon before we flew home.

After living in Wellington for nearly ten years I was used to hearing the comparisons between the two cities, so it was awesome to finally visit San Francisco and see for myself how similar they are. These photos are also a few years old, from my old neighbourhood the last time I was in Wellington. My landlord was a colour consultant for dulux paints - dream job! She chose the colours for many of the houses in the neighbourhood, purple being a particular favourite.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Baby Proofing

We've reached the baby proofing stage with Ray. This bottom shelf in our kitchen used to be home to half empty bottles of booze and random bits of pottery. Now that Ray can reach his little hands in I had to change things up and now it houses my collection of cookbooks. I've never kept them all together like this, it's so much better!

Only now we are moving house this weekend, so it's time to pack them all away again, along with everything else to be shuttled across to our new, bigger place. We've lived in our current apartment for four and a half years, and now that there's three of us we have well and truly outgrown it.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Books for the Little Ones

I've always loved giving books to kids as presents, and now I love receiving them for Ray. There are some blimmin' awesome childrens books around right now. Here are some of my favourites.

This Moose Belongs to Me, by Oliver Jeffers. We received this one as a gift from a sweet friend. Ray's a little young right now to appreciate this quirky, lovely book, but I've been enjoying it!

Amazing Babes, by Eliza Sarlos is an introduction to a whole bunch of incredible women, some of whom I'm ashamed to say I'd never heard of. I bought this for my niece Evie, and must get a copy for Ray too.

Lost Sloth, by J. Otto Seibold. I bought this one for my godson Oscar. I was cracking up as I was reading it in the store so I had to get it.

And finally, this is clearly not a book, but how cute are these lil' tooth pouches for gifts for kids? Made by the super talented Evie Barrow, you can buy through her etsy store.
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