Friday, September 30, 2011

Cute Stuff #3

Hola ! The following is a bunch of 'cute stuff from around the interwebs'.

Vanessa from the Velvet Bird has started selling her supremely cute designs, and this Lola Sings the Blues dress is the one I want. AND she is donating 20% of her profits to Love146, an organisation that fights Human Trafficking. Pretty amazing.

Not so much 'cute', but I can't wait to see this film.

Baked camembert, Oh my goodness YUM! Seen via Miss Moss.

Outdoor movie party in the best backyard I've seen in ages. From Lilys Make Believe, photos from here.

Mickey watch! Seen on It Will Stop Raining. I am going to Disneyland this year. Yes I am.

Love these keys.

House of Maryanne's new lookbook photos were taken at one of my favourite Melbourne places, the Abbotsford Convent.

Love these guys! I posted a different picture of these two a while back which I found on tumblr. Then recently I came across the New York Times article the photos are originally from, and was able to learn more about this amazing dream house.

Soups Season

When I realised that Winter was coming to an end I started to panic about not having made the most of the cooler weather, which is perfect for making and eating one of my favourite foods - soup! During the height of summer Melbourne gets so hot that I can hardly bear to be near a hot oven, so I was determined to get my fill of soup appreciation before the end of the season. Here are a couple of my favourites from the ensuing soup binge.

Ripe Recipes Curried Parsnip & Apple soup.

Birthday Borscht from Trotsky and Ash (my favourite).

And this roast cauliflower and chickpea soup was a delicious, cosy delight.

And speaking of foodie deliciousness, this week on Where the Lovely Things Are it is Food Week! There have been lovely yummy food posts every day, and I was rather chuffed to be asked to participate by answering some foodie questions. Thanks Mallory! I've really been loving all the food content this week. Yum!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Plantlife Loft

I so love that plant covered shelf, cleverly used as a room divider in the LA loft of Adam Pogue and Daniel Aston, who are pictured above with their dog Otto, looking like the cutest family ever!

Seen via apartmenttherapy.

Amy Poehler Girl Crush

These are quite terrifying and hilarious, and make me really love Amy Poehler. Polaroid test shots taken during the taping of the Upright Citizens Brigade 1998 television series. Seen via Got A Girl Crush, with more info here.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Music - St. Rupertsberg

Happy Monday everyone! I've been listening to these great ladies from St. Rupertsberg all weekend. After seeing these photographs taken by Misma Andrews of The Make Believe Sea I was led to find this video, which is a great introduction to the bands sound. You can purchase their Seasonal Glimpse ep here.

I want to run away and join this band now, though they probably don't need a ninth member…

Friday, September 23, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Glazzzz

Kiwi chain store Glassons have just unveiled their new 'Cure Shop' and I just placed an order for these: Mon Coeur Sunglasses by Twenty Seven Names.

For the past eight years Glassons have sold their Breast Cancer Awareness tees, which are designed by top New Zealand designers with a cut of the sales going towards the Breast Cancer Cure Research Trust. This is the first year that they have had a range of different products available, and with free shipping to Australia, aswell as it being such a worthy cause, I could not resist nabbing these sunglasses.

Now, I also have my eye on this Karen Walker designed tee…

View the whole range online here. Go The Glazzz!


Alexa Chung (with some help from her creative pals) has put together a zine which includes these cute images. It will be given out to those buying her Madewell collection. Images and more info from Madewell's tumblr here.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pretty Pastels and a Pug

More Fashion Week pastels, this time from Kris Atomic seen at London Fashion Week.

And a trés fashionable pug! Many more photos can be seen here.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Small Things #2

I am really bad at buying plants and then not getting around to potting them for weeks and weeks - I'm such a terrible plant mother. These are some new guys that I finally potted properly. I'm keeping them all lined up in the sunniest spot in the house, now to be known as the 'plant nursery', until they get settled.

This is a pile of nearly 200 photographs I recently had printed (9 cents a print = bargain!) Now I need to find time to put them all nicely into a photo album.

Kuwaii kicks I wrote about here arrived a few weeks back and have barely left my feet. I love them so!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lost + Found

This past weekend I ventured out to the new Lost + Found Market in Brunswick. The Smith Street, Collingwood branch of Lost + Found is a well established haven of vintage amazingness, so I had been itching to go and explore their new premises.

I was very happy to come home with this copy of Marianne Faithfull's first biography. I read this years ago after getting it from the library and I've wanted my own copy ever since!

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