Thursday, October 20, 2011


Tomorrow I leave for a whirlwind American holiday! I'm calling it a whirlwind because this will be my first time visiting the States and I have so much to cram into a two weeks holiday. I need to visit Disneyland, get my head around 'tipping' and I also want to eat all the food. I have just 4 days in LA, 6 days in New York, and then 2 days in San Francisco - crazy, right?!

Do you have any tips for me about how I can make the most of this trip? Any places that I must visit, or things I really should do, or food that I have to try? Let me know!


Don't you just love checking out people's bookshelves? They tell you so much about a person. These are my sisters books and it's pretty obvious what her interests are - music, art and fashion! It's her birthday today, so I just wanted to say: Happy Birthday Loulou Blue!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Times Square

Reasons why blogging is awesome: After I wrote about the Times Square soundtrack a while ago, and the fact that none of the dvd stores round these parts have the film, I heard from Jess who offered to send me copy!

I'm a huge fan of eighties teen films, and I absolutely love seeing anything that's set in eighties New York - it just looks so dirty and exciting! So this film ticked a lot of boxes for me. Plus, I am counting down the days until my own trip to New York, though I realise Times Square looks nothing like this anymore…

Thanks so much Jess for the Times Square hook up!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In the Woods

Dreamy behind the scenes photos by Clever Nettle's Anya Verdugo, taken in the Washington woods during a photoshoot for Portland store Eden. I love all those friendly dogs hanging round, just chillin'.

More of Anya's amazing photos can be seen here on Clever Nettle. I can't wait to see the official photos once they're released, there is something really magical about those woods.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Melbourne Weekend (…again!)

Once again, the weekend has gone by too fast! It was a good one though, my Mum was in town so we did a lot of eating yummy food, and wandering round the city.

It was my Mum's birthday on Saturday, and we started the celebrations with delicious breakfasting at the new Monsieur Truffe chocolate shop and cafe.

We had croque monsieur, and eggs with brioche soldiers and smoked salmon. I struggled a bit with the 'egg cracking' tool - see below. Also had to have hot chocolates, which were like little pots of chocolate syrup.

We went to Prahran Market and stocked up on more yummingtons.

And had a visit to Heide Museum of Modern Art.

These photos were taken around the sculpture park in the Heide grounds, and the last two are of Sunday Reed's kitchen gardens. This was the second time I've visited Heide, but I can't have been paying much attention during that first visit because I feel like I learned so much more about the history of this place. Definitely recommended to anyone who is after a relaxed Melbourne outing.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

They Say it's Your Birthday #2

It was one year ago today that Banana Meet-Cute was born! Woweeee!! I have had so much fun over the past year with this silly lil' blog. Starting out I decided my blogging philosophy was that it didn't matter whether anyone out there was reading my blog or not, because it was something that I was doing for my own enjoyment … but I still get so excited and am so chuffed by you blog visitors! And comments or links back here are just the icing on the cake. So thank you so much all you fantastic and good looking readers out there!

In honour of this occasion, I thought I would re-post these photos from one of my favourite, and very first blogposts. (Have just realised this is a bit of a sad note to end this Birthday Blog Post, le oops.)

"On October 9th, 1980 Yoko Ono organised this skywriting for the joint birthday party of John Lennon (who was turning 40) and Sean Lennon (who was turning 5). The party was held at the Tavern on the Green in New York City."

John Lennon would have turned 71 on October 9th of this year.

Easy Decor

There is a big empty wall above my couch. I think I've found what I want to do with that space.

Photo from pinterest.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Melbourne Weekend

So I went a bit cray-cray taking photos of those demon-bebehs this weekend. The sculptures by Russian visual arts collective AES+F are here as part of the Melbourne Festival which just started last week.
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