Thursday, December 27, 2012

Instagrams '12

Here's to another year of instagramming everything…












Thanks for reading Banana Meet-Cute, friends! I'm off camping and will be back in lucky 2013. I wish safe and happy holidays to you all! xx

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas treats

I'm spending Christmas in Melbourne again this year. The city is so nice and quiet during this time, and being quite the homebody, I just love being able to potter about being a slob during the holidays! We're heading to a friends place on Christmas Day and are on desserts, so I've been researching a few delicious recipes.

{gingerbread gnome house I'm not seriously considering making this, but it is adorable!}

Friday, December 7, 2012

Spring time eats

What I ate this Spring. First of all: lots of fruit!

On muesli for breakfast, and smothering this amazing pavlova made by some friends.

Second of all: Lots of avocado.

And in less healthy eating news, I made this huge orange-chocolate cake for Mr Meet-Cute's birthday.

I enjoyed some good cafe breakfasts, like this porridge with macadamia and stewed rhubard at Milkwood.

Mitte is another cute neighbourhood cafe that does amazing breakfasts.

Some simple dinners at home: freekah salad with salmon, sausages, bread and salad, and my Mum's tuna quiche.

And some dinners out and about: Longrain thai salad, and fried chicken and slaw, and burgers from Belle's Diner (their fried green tomato burger is amaze).

Afghans! For some reason I got them on the brain and wasn't satisfied until I'd made some.

Reuben sandwich from Woolly Bully.

Spring has also been the season of smoothies.

Tea and scones, a winner whatever the season.

The joyous face of someone clutching a pizza from Al Albero.
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