Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Small things #4

It has been silly hot in Melbourne. I've been drinking a tonne of water, here's some I fancied up to make things a bit more exciting.

Since the start of the year Ray has been having three meals a day of solids. It is a lot of work, and when most of the food ends up on the floor, or smeared all over both of us, it can get pretty hardgoing. Finally he's starting to show more of an interest. This kumara (sweet potato) and peas mix was so colourful, I had to take a photo before it was blitzed into brown mush.

I have lots of odd sized collections of wool, which I've been getting really into making pom poms with.

My birthday was on Friday (Valen-birthday). I was spoiled with delicious cake (thanks Mr Meet-Cute) and gorgeous flowers. Thanks to a mix up at the florists I ended up with two bunches of those beautiful roses. The second bunch arrived late in the day and the delivery man had disappeared before we realised the mistake. Once we got in touch with the florists they said we should just keep and enjoy them, which I have done. I just feel a bit terrible for the lady they were intended for, and the person who sent them to her who would have been expecting some gratitude for their kindness. Oh dear, these kinds of mix ups must be pretty common on Valentines Day.

I got Beci Orpin's brilliant book Home for my birthday. And then I got these sunglasses at the Fitzroy Market over the weekend. I lost my raybans a month ago, I think I left them in the toilets at the hospital and I was so distraught when I realised that tears were shed. In public. But then I found this pair for $5 and I love them. They make real life look like it's been instagrammed. I even got extra excited going for a walk yesterday because I got to wear them. All for just $5 !!

Sunglasses selfie.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I loved her, but I think I might love this Jonah Hill and Michael Cera parody a teeny bit more.

I'm still baffled by those high waisted pants.

Michael Cera fans, have you read this? I don't think it's true, but I would love it if it were.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Little Tienda

While those of you in the Northern hemisphere have been having a killer Winter, here in Melbourne we've been hit with record breaking heat, with temperatures upwards of 40 degrees. Not my cup of tea at all! In this kind of heat, comfort comes before anything else, but seeing as this is my fourth summer here in Melbourne, I'm starting to try and get a better summer wardrobe together. My favourite things to throw on are light dresses, like these beautiful mexican numbers from Little Tienda. These gorgeous dresses are handmade with love and care by rural artisans in Mexico. Perfect for staying cool and comfortable during scorching days.

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