Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Music

I've been watching a bit of Rage on early weekend mornings. No more sleeping in until midday with Ray on the scene. This music video stopped him in his path of destruction, and he sat transfixed for nearly half the song. Then it was back to rampaging around, chucking toys everywhere and pulling out all the books and records off their shelves!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Queens Park

While I was at my parents place we took Ray for lots of walks in Queens Park. It was all lovely and Autumny there.

We fed the ducks.

And went to the playground.

Saw some animals …

… and birds!

We went into the hothouse too.

And Ray had a good time on the swings.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Cute Stuff #4

Since my last post I've been to New Zealand and back, and moved house. Busy times! I've also spotted these cute things from around the interwebs.

The Winter Harvest Quilt, from Gorman's homeware range. I thought it was cold in New Zealand, but I got back to a freezing Melbourne. Need this to snuggle up under.

I loved seeing all the new season Winter fashion in New Zealand. Since I'm at home a lot now I've been dressing even more for comfort. This trouser/trackpant hybrid from Huffer pleases me.

Weaving whizzes New Friends are making rugs now. Any one of these would be an excellent addition to our new place.

This Hummingbird cake by Julia Busuttil. I had Hummingbird cake at a book club get together a few years ago, and it was so delicious. This reminded me that I've always wanted to make one myself.

I need these sneakers with puppies on them from Keep shoes. Cat lovers, there's a version for you guys too.

Vudu Cafe in Queenstown has this stunner of a vintage photo on the wall, as seen on studiohomeonline. Ray's bedroom in our new place has a window that's been sealed up so I've been mulling over getting a large landscape printed to put in it. My first idea was a tropical beach scene, but now I'm thinking I could use one of the photos I took last week in Queenstown. Fingers crossed that when I get my film developed the pictures look even half as good as this one.
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