Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Going Potty

{Leah Jackson, from Mr Kitly}

{Simon Reece, from Mr Kitly}

{Shino Takeda, from Mr Kitly}

{Peter Shire splatter mugs}

{Ceramic tumblers from Wiksten}

{faceted boulder cup set from LEIF}

{Little Wren pottery bowls}

{small painted bowls by 

Karin Eriksson}

 {2 Wee happy tea Cup Set by Mr Jongo}

I've been taking a pottery class for the last few months and learning to use the wheel. It's the second time I've taken pottery lessons, and boy does it take a while to get the hang of it. Learning the wheel, finally producing something, waiting for it to dry, trimming it into shape, getting it fired, glazing, firing again… It's such a slow process, which I think has been really good for me. I've become so impatient in this age of instant information, this old brain of mine isn't used to learning new tricks! Now, however, the class has become one of the highlights of my weeks, though I still have a long way to go, and a lot to learn. In the meantime I'll be soaking up inspiration from all these potters above.


  1. I want all of them! There's nothing like a beautiful, nice heavy mug to drink coffee from in the morning. Also, I want to take a pottery class tooo. I only ever played with a wheel once in high school art class, and it was so soothing.

  2. Love the hanging pots - they remind me of plants mum used to hang at home whe I was little.

    The paint drip pot is great too - I can see that sitting nicely on my hall table..!



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