Monday, May 30, 2011

Girl Crush Alert!

I love Rachel Antonoff, especially after reading this interview where she talks about her brother and the pranks they've pulled on each other - hilarious! She has also presented her collections at a faux high school dance in a real school hall with The Like playing, and at a slumber party with models lounging round inside forts and a teepee. She has rad friends that she uses as models, and generally sounds like the most ace person ever. Oh - and her clothes are the cutest!

These photos for Rachel Antonoff's AW11 lookbook were shot on a mini horse farm. The rest can be seen here.

Sydney, Part I

Macarons from Zumbo Patisserie

Mr Meet-Cute's welsh rarebit (we asked the waiter what 'welsh rarebit' was and he said "It's cheese and toast". I would have said "fancy cheese on toast")

Dumplings from the new Westfield Mall food court - best food court ever!

Mighty Ibis, in Hyde Park

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lady Friends

 {Love this map, designed by Fleur Harris}

So many great things are happening in Melbourne this weekend, including the National Gallery of Victoria's 150th birthday events, and Markit at Fed Square, one of the best craft/design markets around. I'll be missing all this though as I'm heading to Sydney tonight for a long weekend of catching up with two of my oldest* and bestest lady friends!

*oldest as in duration of friendship, not actual age. Though none of us are getting any younger…

The Burning House

{John Gaffney's picks including his dog Finnegan}
{Things belonging to Brett Rogowski including his 'trusty pug' Gimli}
{Kate McAuley's picks, with her cat Goose}

The Burning House is a website that asks creative people to document what they would save if their house were on fire. Naturally I'm most enjoying those that include their furry friends.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

She's Crafty

This 'Wall Pocket' is one of the crafty things you can learn to make in the upcoming book Make! Hey! While The Sun Shines, which will be out in October. Pip from Meet Me At Mikes is the clever lady behind the book, and she posted this sneaky peek picture on her blog earlier, and I love it so much I am sneakily reposting it for you here!


Some pics from the weekend. We went to Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula, a short drive from Melbourne. Ate fish and chips on the beach and hit up all the op shops along the way!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Best Ever lammos

I've written here before about super talented kiwi artist Henrietta Harris, and also about my love for Auckland cafe Agnes Curran and their best lamington's in the world - so imagine my delight when I saw these new postcards! It's like two worlds of awesome colliding and I am d r o o l i n g . . .

Autumn Rapture

I love Autumn in Melbourne, and conditions this year have meant that the autumny colours have been even more amped than usual. According to arborists the recent rain and prolific plant growth over summer have accelerated the sugars produced in photosynthesis, creating red and orange foliage that is more vivid than ever.
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