Monday, August 27, 2012

Camberwell to Balaclava

Some lovely friends are in town so we headed out early yesterday to Camberwell Markets. Mmmmm, donuts for breakfast.

From there we went out to Balaclava, where we stocked up on bakery treats and the best ever bagels. Balaclava has a huge Jewish community, so they know their stuff when it comes to all things 'bagel-y'.

Then it was off to Elwood for a coffee stop by the beach. It was freezing though, so coffees were consumed old-person-style sitting in the car.


  1. Camberwell pros - Bargains, cool odd stuff, 10% good stuff, hot jam donuts and cheap coffee.
    Camberwell cons - 90 % crap, squash of people and early sunday morning rising.

    1. hahaha I'd say a bit more than 10%. You missed the con 'makes you really stingy'.


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