Tuesday, August 14, 2012

CERES Saturday

Before I started my pottery class on Saturdays I was a regular at CERES market and shop. There was a break between pottery terms this weekend so it was nice to go and visit CERES once more. I'd been missing it!

There's a lot going on at CERES, which stands for Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies. As well as the shop and market there's the sprawling urban farm, community education and environment centres, an awesome plant shop and nursery, and a cafe, where we had some delicious breakfast. And there's always lots of good dogs there.

My first daffodil sighting! A sign that Spring is just around the corner. Also: BLOSSOM.

This is part of what I bought. Everything at the shop is in bulk so you need to bring your own jars and bags to fill up. The first time I went to the market I forgot to bring my reusable shopping bags - oh the shame!

I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing when I was filling up the quinoa - I accidentally mixed in some red quinoa that I wasn't going for. The perils of self service.


  1. Ya spring is almost here! had enough of old man winter for one year. I was surprised at how nice the food was at Ceres. Those hippies make some mean eggs

  2. its been way to long between my visits to this wonderful place too. must fix that : ) thank so much for your lovely comment on my blog about the needle work exhibition. so happy to hear that you got to check it out!! yay : ) xx


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