Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Karen Walker Autumn/Winter

Karen Walker showed her 'New Rose' Autumn/Winter 2013 collection last week in New York. Here are some of my favourite looks.

It's been so hot and sunny this year in Melbourne. I'm ready for a cool change to be able to wear some cosy knits like this hat and scarf combo.

Love all these long wool socks too.

And this green jumper - so much cosiness!

I probably wouldn't wear this pinafore myself, but it is definitely adorable!

Tweedy cosiness.

pics via karenwalker

Also adorable are these backstage photos.

photos by Sonny Vandervelde via katherine is awesome

The new karen walker eyewear campaign has been around for a while, but I still totally love it.

I'm not so into the actual sunglass styles this year, but this advanced age stunner totally pulls them off!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Preggo eats

I was going to include this picture of a cheese plate I had last year at The Yarra Valley Dairy in my Spring Eats roundup, but then I thought it would just look too weird to everyone because who has a cheese plate with just one type of cheese on it? Well, you do when you're knocked up because you can't eat any 'soft cheeses', or any other delicious mouldy type cheeses. When we ordered this we had to explain that I was pregnant and could have hard cheeses only. I loooooove cheese, so this felt pretty odd. And I wasn't 'showing' at all at this stage, so I felt like people would think I was making a fuss, which was silly of me because most people are really understanding once you explain that you can't eat specific things because you're pregnant. I have had one older lady tell me that she drank and smoked through all her pregnancies and her kids all turned out fine! Things are mighty different these days.

Here are some other things that are off the menu if you find yourself knocked up. There's actually a lot more than just this, it's quite the minefield. And I thought it was just alcohol!
  • poached eggs, or any eggs that are runny or not completely cooked. This has been the toughest one for me because I love my poached eggs! Homemade aioli and hollandaise are also out. I usually make tiramisu for Christmas, but not this year as it has raw egg whites in it. Had trifle instead, yum.
  • any cold meat, including paté, and smoked salmon - meat has to be cooked and hot! We had beautiful seared tuna at a restaurant a while ago which had to be sent back. I was too embarrassed to ask for it to be well cooked so Mr Meet-Cute had to do it for me. I'm such a wuss!
  • sushi. I really had to rethink my lunch options after learning I had to steer clear of sushi.

I guess I think about food and my stomach A LOT so this took a bit of adjusting. It's only for nine months though, and then I shall eat all the poached eggs and hollandaise I can get my hands on!

Friday, February 15, 2013

TD update

Mr Meet-Cute made me this ace card for my birthday yesterday. Was a pretty low key day seeing as I'm still in hospital! But, even though it's quite depressing having your birthday in hospital, it's good I'm still here because it means that Tiny Dugong has been staying put. I'm in my 28th week now, and third trimester, so if I did go into labour now the risks associated with premature babies at this stage are a lot lower.

Thanks Grumpy Cat!

I'd been feeling pretty emo and crappy all week, I blame preggo hormones and being really really over being stuck here! I wasn't going to bother trying to do anything birthday related, but then last minute changed my mind and ended up having a lovely birthday evening, with pizza and cheesecake and faux bubbles!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Boys with a dress on

Hello friends! Thanks so much for the lovely comments on my last post, all those kind words mean so much. Tiny Dugong and I are still hanging in here!

My good friend Phoebe's Mum kindly sent me this fantastic surprise, a book that Phoebe wrote years ago when we were both in primary school. Phoebe and I go way back, we used to tell people that we met when we were 'in our mummies tummies', but then we found out that our parents ran into each other when Phoebe's mum was pregnant with her, and I was a few months old. Then Phoebe was born, and we've been BFFF ever since!

In primary school Phoebe and I would wear shorts under our skirts, then at playtime we'd whip those skirts off. We were pretty cool. We were friends with some funny older boys, and when one of them put my skirt on we thought it was the most hilarious thing that had EVER happened. I laughed and laughed...
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