Friday, January 28, 2011

Beach House Holiday

The best way to cure the back to work blues is to have another holiday! Which is what I'll be doing this weekend, with a mini-break to the beach. All I've been doing this past week is looking forward to the weekend and daydreaming about perfect beach outfits!


Beachbags by Banana Meet-Cute

Happy weekend everybuddy! xx


Soooo many good bands are coming to Melbourne at the moment. It's all a bit too much! How I wish I could see them all…

Belle and Sebastian // Best Coast // Cat Power // CSS // Deerhunter // Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros // MIA // Sufjan Stevens // The Like // Mos Def // Jenny and Johnny

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mince n' chips

I love pictures of food, and I'm loving these new ones by Auckland based artist Henrietta Harris. That mince pie one is so realistic it's giving me flashbacks to primary school - mince pies were always being flung round the playground in those days.

Strawberry Fool weekend

Hullo Bananas! I had a pretty fun weekend, I hope you all did too. I went to see Tron at IMAX, hung out at my friends garage sale on Saturday, and then went swimming on Sunday, followed by some cider and chips in the sun at the park. Then Sunday night I made 'Strawberry Fool' for a late dinner/dessert (I know, not exactly the healthiest of days…!)

This is a bit of a cobbled together recipe - I had a whole bunch of strawberries I bought cheap because they were just on the verge of turning to mush, so perfect to use to make strawberry sauce. The sauce recipe is from Hungry and Frozen, and the 'Fool' part was Nigella inspired, though I think she uses fresh strawberries for hers. Anyway, it was pretty good, and super easy once the sauce was done.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dress Crush

I just saw She & Him's new video for their song Don't Look Back and I'm seriously jealous of the dress Zooey is wearing here.

So pretty…

She & Him - Don't Look Back from Merge Records on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Raro Foods

I Love seeing pictures of peoples food, so I thought I'd share some of my own. Below is a selection of Island foods eaten while in Rarotonga.

1 // "Mayonnaise", or Raro potato salad. Traditionally made with relish and canned beetroot to turn the salad bright pink, topped with grated hard boiled eggs.
2 // Jam jar pina colada! Not unique to Rarotonga, of course, but a traditional Island drink nevertheless!
3 // Whitebait fritters, actually not island food at all, my Dad bought the whitebait over from New Zealand. I just couldn't resist posting the pic because they were so damn delish!
4 // Umu food. An umu is the Raro version of a Maori hangi, where food is cooked in an oven made in the earth. This one had pork, eke (curried octopus), taro, and creamed rukau (taro leaves cooked with coconut cream). Most people who haven't grown up eating taro can't stand it, but my Dad has an ace way of cooking it where he boils it, and then grills it in slices to go crispy. Is bloody good, especially when served with creamed rukau.
5 // Banana wine. Unfortunately this was as bad as it sounds. A relative of ours makes it so we decided to try some out. I think I managed to force down one glass before I gave up on it.
6 // Bananas! This massive bunch were cut from a tree in our backyard. So good that now when I eat store bought bananas I am like "Pah! Where is the FLAVOUR?!"

All these photos were taken by my sister, who has a super cool fashion-y blog, you should totally check it out here!

Beci Orpin Patterns

I've already mentioned Melbourne artist/designer Beci Orpin a couple of times here on Banana Meet-Cute, but when I saw these textile designs of hers, alongside the clothing they've been used for, well I couldn't resist sharing!

{textile and wallpaper design for Gorman}


{Beci's own kids line, Tiny Mammoth. Aaargh, the cuteness is killing me!!} described Beci Orpin as a 'National Treaure', I think they're right on the money with that description!

All images are from

Monday, January 17, 2011

Dog Patrol!

I may have gotten a tad carried away taking photos of this dog who lived by the beach we went to in Rarotonga. He was such a great dog though! He would run up and down patrolling the beach and barking at anyone coming from further away. And during the time we spent at the beach he ended up fishing not one, but two stonefish from the water. Stonefish are extremely poisonous and can be fatal if you stand on one, but somehow this clever dog managed to disperse of two of them making the waters safer for us all!

Beatboxx weekend

I hope everyone out there had a great weekend! It was my first weekend back in Melbourne after my lovely holiday away, and I spent most of it inside working hard in front of my computer, Ug! I did have some time out however, and managed to snaffle a delicious al fresco Friday night burger, courtesy of the Beatbox Kitchen. Yummo.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Jellies, the new cupcakes

Jellymongers Bompass and Parr were surely Willy Wonka fans growing up (how else would you come up with "Jellymonger" as an occupation?) The pair are described as "jelly architects" who have created event experiences such as glowing alcoholic jelly installations, a chewing gum micro-factory where visitors can create their own gum from a list of 200 flavours including Hendricks Gin, white truffle and smoke (?!), scratch and sniff cards accompanying a screening of Peter Greenaway’s The Cook The Thief His Wife and Her Lover, a walk in cloud of breathable gin and tonic, and 'The Architectural Punchbowl", being enjoyed in the picture below by Blurs' Alex James.

Photo from here

Featuring a punchbowl so big that you can row on it filled with over 4,000 litres of a Courvoisier-based cocktail. Guests floating on fruity shaped rafts were served by a waiter rowing around the punchbowl on a boat. The mind-boggling duo are coming to Melbourne soon as part of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival.


Images from here

Every year I always seem to make the same resolutions - do more yoga, read more, make time for crafty projects… This year I am going to focus on two big resolutions instead:

1. Get a new job
2. Go to New York

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bloggy Holiday-yay

I am one lucky banana this year because aswell as my New Zealand home, I am also taking off these holidays to my island home - the Cook Islands to be exact! This means that I shall be clocking on to "island time" for the next few weeks, and will be totally slacking off on the blogging front. Banana Meet-Cute will be back with a vengeance in 2011 though!

Happy New Years every-buddy! xx
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