Monday, March 5, 2012


I just got back from a glorious week of food, family and friend(s) in New Zealand. I mostly stayed with my parents in Invercargill, which is right down the bottom of the country, and is where I grew up.

Vogels toast with tomatoes, aioli and pesto. I had this for breakfast a lot. Vogels is the best bread in the world and as far as I know you can only get it in New Zealand.

I was home when the Oscars were on. Best. Day. Ever.

One of my Dad's blingin' fishing flies.

 My Mum's shoes are pretty blingin' too.

I made this pavlova with help from my Mum. Looks pretty good but it didn't rise like it should have and was only about a centimetre high. Pav fail. It still tasted damn good topped with cream and fruity yumminess.

I went to Dunedin for a night to visit my friend Shells. The weather was drizzly but the view was still gorgeous!

Shells has lots of nice things like this owl vase.

I stopped at this shop in Clinton on the way to Dunedin and picked up some good bargains. There was a taxidermy place next door but I was too scared to go in, even though I was pretty curious about it.

I had lots of barbeques during the week. This is my Dad's special oil that he brushes onto meat or fish when it's grilling. I'm going to make some, it's just oil, lemon rind, lemon juice, crushed garlic and fresh herbs.

Real NZ food! Paua (or abalone) patties.

My Dad's potted herbs. So jealous of this! My herb garden has been a dismal failure!

I always demand these when I'm at home - Cheese Rolls are an Invercargill speciality. How can you go wrong cheesey grilled bread smothered in butter?


  1. Great Photos Banana Meet Cute, Keith Richards was wrong.

  2. Invers! I wanna go home for a holiday. And a cheese roll!


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