Monday, March 19, 2012

Summer Eats

The first picnic of the season, way back at the start of summer

Two different haloumi and beetroot salads. I ate many variations on this throughout summer.

Bipimbap, from a Korean place near my work.

Canelés, from Dench. I used to get these all the time from Le Moulin Bakery when I lived in Wellington.

On New Years Eve we had this barbequed haloumi in a salad with watermelon and mint. Amazingly simple and delish!

Muesli and yoghurt snack. I made the muesli using Trotsky & Ash's recipe.

Amazing breakfasts from the Collingwood Childrens Farm Cafe.

This was another easy meal typical of my summer eatin' - salad, potatoes and salmon.

Pork scratchings from a new bar near our house. They were pretty gross, and really salty. I remember saying that they tasted like how our old dog's blanket used to smell. The beer was good though.

Golden Plains Festival food from a week or so ago. Calamari, gözleme, and dumplings with salad. I was almost as excited about the food line up as I was about the music line up.


  1. yum yum! looks like you ate good this summer!


  2. Amazing! We rode our bikes to the Collingwood Children's Farm when we were in Melbourne last month and had some delicious haloumi fritters and a frozen lemonade thing that was perfection. Such a cute spot!

  3. Oh yum yum yum. I miss haloumi in all its squeaky goodness.

  4. Sound good eats this Summer. I miss the Canelés from Wellington. Agreed about the pork scratchings - too much dog blanket.

  5. Now I'm SOOOO hungry! Thanks a lot!!! ;)


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