Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm Back!

Let the post-holiday depression begin! Though, I must admit it is nice to be home and have some 'down time'. The last two weeks in the US of A have been full on and packed with touristy excitement, and boy do I have the photos to prove it. Honestly, a ridiculous amount of photos were taken…

What I LOVED about the USA:
  • Cheap filtered coffees from everywhere. This is probably just me, but I do love filtered coffees. Downunder it's all flat whites and lattes, I love them too but there is always a place for a good honest cup of filtered coffee!
  • Taking photos willy-nilly and not being self conscious about it because there are so many other tourists doing the same thing.
  • Mexican food from everywhere.
  • Pizza by the slice. Especially 'a slice of white'.
  • It snowed!
  • Watching tv and movies from now on and recognising places I've been to. (Does anyone else watch Parenthood? So good, on last night's episode they were in Haight Ashbury - I was just there three days ago!!)
  • The drugstores and cheap makeup (seriously - Kiehls products here are 3 times the price, and OPI nail polish is $20 a bottle here compared to $8 in the US. I wish I'd stocked up more but I was freaking out about my luggage being too heavy).
  • Cheap magazines. I guess it's because most mags arrive in Australia having been freighted from the US. I couldn't resist buying more and more and hauling them back in my carry on luggage.
  • So I keep mentioning the word 'cheap', but you know what else is waaaaay cheaper - movies! We saw Contagion and Drive (both excellent).
What I didn't love - not seeing any celebrities! And let me tell you - I was on high alert the whole time. We even went on the TMZ celebrity tour in Hollywood, which was quite the experience. I thought I was excited by the prospect of celebs but the other people on the tour took it to another level. Our tourguide spoke about working at the Oscars and someone tapping him on the shoulder, and he turned around and it was Natalie Portman. Just as I was thinking 'Is that the whole story then?' (it was btw) the woman behind me screamed 'OH MY GOSH!!!' Part of the tour is stalking celebrities and I am actually thankful that we didn't spot any as that would have involved pulling over to harrass them from within the huge tour bus!

We visited the Statue of Liberty on the last day you could visit the interior. She's now shut for a whole year while she gets spruced up in there.

 United States of colour blocking.

It was the 125th birthday of the Statue of Liberty. Free icecream for all!


  1. ahh it sounds like you had a wonderful time! i wish i got free icecream when i saw the statue of liberty!

  2. so glad you appreciate all of the things about the US that people like me who live here just take for granted!


  3. reading this was sort of like taking a trip myself. well maybe more like 2% of taking a trip myself - but still! i enjoyed your trip recap a lot - i'm glad you had such an awesome time!

  4. Yay! So glad you had a great time!

    I love "slices of white" and unsweetened coffee too. And I have yet to see a celeb, although several friends have - my day shall come, I just know it!

  5. Yay, you're back! Can't wait for more pics. Ah yes, the cheapness of it all, so good. I'm sorry you didn't see any famous people but the touristy stalking tour sounds like a real experience in itself, haha!

  6. Great photos Banana Meet Cute, look forward to more posts.

  7. It's not just you! I'm so glad you like Filter coffee too. Has it been great now having more context when a TV Show is set in a place you previously hadn't been. (Not the point of traveling, I know, but something I liked anyway). Perhaps if I say movies instead then I seem less pop-culture dependent.


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