Monday, November 28, 2011

Market Buys

After declaring a month ago that I would be hand making all my Christmas gifts, I've now decided to buy handmade instead! Christmas is just creeping up too quickly, isn't it? Over the weekend I went along to the Christmas Design Mini Market and Markit @Fed Square hoping to make a start on my Christmas shopping. I did find a few special gifts, but mostly just came away with stuff for myself… 

Above: Beci Orpin bear print, Dawn Tan for Douglas and Hope Happy Fries cups, Cecilia Fox potted succulent and bouquet.


  1. such a cute idea. my bff also aspires to do a hand-made christmas. i totally love the idea of buying hand made instead, since it appears all my thoughtful diy ideas went out the window with my wedding!


  2. This market must have beem super nice to visit. :)
    I love the Happy Fries cups & the stickers!

    Did your package arrived safely?



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