Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Calendars (already)

Two new and pretty calendars, both produced in Melbourne.

The Design Files 2012 calendar. I got last years Neighbourhood's calendar and will probably be getting this one too, seeing as some of my favourite artists such as Dawn Tan and Becky Orpin are involved. This years Creative Clutter calendar comes out next week, but you can pre order here.

Trotski & Ash's 2012 calendar has recipes for seasonal yummies for every month. Last years calendar sold out within a week! Get in quick with ordering here.


  1. Ooh Trotski & Ash looks pretty - and yum! When are wee going to see some NYC Blogs? x

  2. NYC posts coming soon! I still have HEAPS of LA to post first though… I warned you about the ridiculous amount of photos I took - prepare for an overload!


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