Monday, November 21, 2011

Three Milk Cake

Though I love cooking, I'm generally a pretty lazy cook. I like quick, uncomplicated recipes - anything that takes longer than an hour tops and I'll start to get angsty. However, now and then I feel the need to challenge myself by trying something new. I usually make some kind of huge deluxe cake for Mr Meet-Cute's birthday, but seeing as we spent his birthday in New York this year I really missed not being able to make a cake for him. When I came across this recipe for Nook Eatery's Pastel Tres Leches cake, I decided that a belated birthday cake was exactly what was needed.

Things you need to know about this cake:
  • It contains a whole tin of condensed milk. I have been obsessed with condensed milk since childhood when my best friend and I would buy tins and consume the whole thing a spoonful at a time. We also may have done this a few times as grown ups… you could call it a tradition.
  • The cake itself wasn't really that complicated to make. I found the meringue topping to be more of a challenge.
  • You use 3 egg whites to make the meringue topping, and then you can use the leftover egg yolks in this recipe for Nook's Perfect Hollandaise
  • The recipe is described as being "So rich that small portions are key", which sounded like a challenge if ever I heard one.
  • They were right about it being rich. The cake needs to set for four hours, or overnight, so after all that waiting when I finally had a slice I cut myself the hugest piece ever, and ate it with cream… and it was amazing. But I did need to lie down and not move afterwards.


  1. ooh the famous cake! That looks amazing! I Looove condensed milk too...I want one! xxx

  2. That cake really does take the cake. Its sooo good and the meringue icing is ace. Nice job Banana Meet cute, you have set the bar stupidly high for your birthday.

  3. what a beautiful looking cake! lucky mr!!
    looks like it was totally worth all of the effort!



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