Thursday, October 20, 2011


Tomorrow I leave for a whirlwind American holiday! I'm calling it a whirlwind because this will be my first time visiting the States and I have so much to cram into a two weeks holiday. I need to visit Disneyland, get my head around 'tipping' and I also want to eat all the food. I have just 4 days in LA, 6 days in New York, and then 2 days in San Francisco - crazy, right?!

Do you have any tips for me about how I can make the most of this trip? Any places that I must visit, or things I really should do, or food that I have to try? Let me know!


  1. yayyyyy congrats!!! i hope you have so much fun on your tour of the US :)

    try to make time to drive to napa from san fran and visit the wineries in cali. you will loveee.


  2. have an AMAZING time. i haven't been to california (the farthest west i've been is arizona / nevada) so i'm excited to see what you end up doing while you're there. eat some delicious food!

    i've been to new york tons of times but i don't even know where to begin with suggestions. i just basically walk around eating everything that looks delicious and buying a lot of books and strolling through museums. also, as a zoo enthusiast, i love going to the prospect park zoo & the central park zoo. unfortunately i haven't been to the bronx zoo yet, even though it's the largest one. next time i go, next time i go.

    one small not-so-exciting suggestion - at disneyWORLD they have this thing called a dole pineapple whip. they're amazing (if you like pineapple). people are obsessed with them. i'm not sure if they have them at disneyLAND - but if they do: take advantage of it, haha

  3. I have never been to USA only to Canada, so I dont have any tips but I wanted to wish you all the best there and have an amazing time!!


  4. Have I given you any tips yet? I can't remember, I hope so, since you were so helpful with my Melbourne trip! Eat at all the mexican food trucks in california, free walking tours in san fran, also japantown in SF for purikura and japanese magazines, museum of jurassic technology in L.A., see some music in ny, and i really liked coney island in the off season.

    Have an amazing time! Can't wait for pictures.

  5. I still don't think I've lived here long enough to have too many recommendations - besides get as many donuts as you can, of course. :) But I've been looking at a lot of great city guides that I can pass on to you if you wish. (I'm going to San Francisco next week too and I've gotta plan my trip!!)

  6. That map of NYC is SO AMAZING, especially since all my maps end up turning into deformed blobs.
    For NYC Go to Ben's Deli in Midtown, Teeny in SOHO, eat at the MET museum, Go to the MOMA store (one in soho and one in the museum) and see the Book of Mormon or The Heights!

  7. Thanks for the well wishes and tips! Am back now but did indeed have an amazing time!

    Mallory - I love the sound of pineapple whip, but didn't find any at Disneyland. I did get a giant turkey leg though, so that was pretty ace. And I so wanted to go to Central Park Zoo but it was closed when we went - oh well, will just have to go back some day!

    Kate - so much good Mexican food in the US! I loved it. Unfortunately didn't get time to go to the Museum of Jurassic Technology in the few days we had in LA. I have taken soooo many photos, am overwhelmed just trying to sort through them all!

    Thanks Sally, I loved San Fran, am looking forward to reading about your trip there

    Ania - The crumpled city maps ARE amazing! I thought at first it might be a bit gimmicky, but it was actually great. Thanks for your tips!


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