Monday, September 19, 2011

Small Things #2

I am really bad at buying plants and then not getting around to potting them for weeks and weeks - I'm such a terrible plant mother. These are some new guys that I finally potted properly. I'm keeping them all lined up in the sunniest spot in the house, now to be known as the 'plant nursery', until they get settled.

This is a pile of nearly 200 photographs I recently had printed (9 cents a print = bargain!) Now I need to find time to put them all nicely into a photo album.

Kuwaii kicks I wrote about here arrived a few weeks back and have barely left my feet. I love them so!


  1. Your new plants and their pots are totally adorable!

  2. Cute plants - where'd you get the swan? I need to get me 'erbs in order for Spring :-)

  3. Thanks Kitiya, here's hoping I don't kill them!

    LoulouBlue, I got the swan from Coburg Trash n' Treasure Markets, but I have another swan planter I got from ebay. Have you seen the Crown Lynn versions? They are the best.

  4. I like your pots!My favorite would be number one and three starting from the right side.
    Are they vintage ones?


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