Friday, September 2, 2011

Good Times Mix Swap

A while ago I participated in the mix cd swap that Mallory from Where the Lovely Things Are proposed to readers of her excellent blog. There's no better way to discover new music than receiving a handmade mix, and this particular mix swap had the added bonus of getting paired with an awesome new bloggy friend. This is what I received from my mix-swap partner Helena, of The Herbarium.

I was extra chuffed when I received this beautiful hand knitted bow with my mix - so sweet! The theme for the mixes was GOOD TIMES, and though we both chose some similar artists, all the songs we picked were different - surely this equals a musical match success!

Thanks to Helena's mix I am now totally obsessed with this song:

Metronomy - The Bay from David Wilson Creative on Vimeo.

Thanks again Helena, and thank you Mallory for coordinating it all!


  1. this is such a neat idea, and lucky you.

  2. i'm glad that the swap worked out so well for you! and that really is an awesome song.

  3. Wahou! That's great.

    I'm a bit sad I missed this exchange! Would have love to be part.
    I was already so on this song a while ago, now I'm playing it again, feels good!


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