Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Parisian Ladies

{I am a Parisian Lady photographic project by Baudouin, seen via oh, hello there.}

"We all have our own vision of the Parisian lady but everybody got it wrong. Hence, I engaged in a photographic process of 'Les Parisiennes' to unveil this myth, or at least to lighten it up or to update it… 

…I have made a point that all the photographed women have been born, raised and educated within the city of Paris. Those are the ones that naturally carry the Parisian culture without the desire to become Parisians. They can be opposed to those who can just be described as aspirants."

- Photographer Baudouin on his I am a Parisian Lady project. See the rest here! I love how he describes his true Parisian Ladies, as opposed to the 'aspirants' *puts hand up as an aspirant* … I also love the rest of Baudouin's photography, like this guy from his 'Dogs' gallery:


  1. thanks for the comment. i'm enjoying checking out your blog - i'll definitely be back for more!

  2. You're welcome, and Thank You! I've been enjoying your blog too :)


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