Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cute Stuff #1

Deborah Sweeney's Sphere Cape aka The Cape of My Dreams. I want this for Winter but it's so vastly out of my price range (see online here). I'm on the hunt for a vintage version.

I've been growing my hair longer but this lady's do makes me want to cut it all off. Screenshot from this video.

{pics from definatalie.com}

OPI's shatter polish - I just found out about this via Natalie's blog. I love to paint my nails, but they always get chipped about 3 seconds after I've finished.  Shatter polish is perfect for my chipped nail aesthetic!

Ombre tights by Kron Kron, seen via Where the Lovely Things Are via Modish & available here! Perfect for the tights weather taking hold in Melbourne.

This blouse from Twenty-seven Names S/S11, collection seen via Lovelorn Unicorn. Hearts print + bowtie = ridiculous cuteness!


  1. I got a WILD, really wild crush on the nail polish (know I want to find it)... also the tights. Nice selections.

    <3_ <3

  2. KRON tights! I bought some Kron shoes once and I still love them to pieces. Iceland really has talent!!


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