Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Henrietta Harris

Henrietta Harris is an Auckland based artist that I really love. I bought one of her prints earlier this year that was being sold as part of the 'Art Loves Haiti' fundraiser. This first pic below is a bit terrible, but it's the print I got hanging up at home. After that is a better pic of the same print with a white frame. Now - I always stress out about choosing frames! For this particular print I chose a dark grey wooden frame to match the greys in the picture. I have been known to choose one frame and then in the middle of the night change my mind (why did I chose black - white would be so much better!!) and then ring the framing shop in a panic first thing to get it changed. Which they did. Phew! Also, the thing about framing is - it's pricey. I would really like to learn how to frame things myself. Do you think it's hard? I have all sorts of things at home in dire need of a frame. Lovely stuff just shoved onto the bookshelf… waiting to be framed.

 You can see more of Henrietta Harris's work here:

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