Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Boys with a dress on

Hello friends! Thanks so much for the lovely comments on my last post, all those kind words mean so much. Tiny Dugong and I are still hanging in here!

My good friend Phoebe's Mum kindly sent me this fantastic surprise, a book that Phoebe wrote years ago when we were both in primary school. Phoebe and I go way back, we used to tell people that we met when we were 'in our mummies tummies', but then we found out that our parents ran into each other when Phoebe's mum was pregnant with her, and I was a few months old. Then Phoebe was born, and we've been BFFF ever since!

In primary school Phoebe and I would wear shorts under our skirts, then at playtime we'd whip those skirts off. We were pretty cool. We were friends with some funny older boys, and when one of them put my skirt on we thought it was the most hilarious thing that had EVER happened. I laughed and laughed...


  1. That was a great story. Its nice that Pumice held onto those things, something to larf and larf about a few years later.

  2. hello love your blog, you this of congratulations to vdd

    'm following, would you please follow back as it would get super happy * - *


    kisses and have a nice day


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