Friday, May 18, 2012

Winter Wants

A few nice items I've seen around the place.

1. Patent lace ups from Topshop. These were at Karen Walker's Newmarket store when I was in Auckland. Not in my size though. // 2. Hansel from Basel polka dot bag which I did get from Ruby in Newmarket. As I made my purchase I realised I was wearing my Gorman t.shirt that has the exact same polka dotted pattern. Bit embarrassing.

3. The Twentysevennames Katherine dress is a winning combination of pleats + peterpan collar + navy // 4. I need a porridgy jumper like this for slobbing around in this Winter.

5. There are so many good stockings around! This pair are locally made in Melbourne by OKOK. I am sold on their polka dotted good looks, obvs. // 6. PAM Naomi Coat, because you can never have too many Wintery layers.

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