Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tails from the Fishbowl

Photographer and animal lover Rachel Bellinsky's new book Tails from the Fishbowl documents the little animal faces spied while she walks her dog in their Southern California neighbourhood.

In the apartment next door to mine lives an old golden labrador who often spends his days on the balcony peering out over the street. We call him 'Perve Dog', and it's always a good day when we see him at his post.


  1. Perve dog that's soo cute (in a strange way :)! i'm defiantly a dog person! happy to be your newest follower xx Elly @ jazzlipsandtulips ps, nice to find other kiwi bloggers :)

  2. Guh! So cute. In Colorado last week we noticed a dog staring stoically out a window across the street literally every time we went anywhere. You have to wonder what's going on in their heads...


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