Thursday, May 31, 2012

Autumn Eats

Since discovering Sarah Britton's My New Roots website, I've been inspired to start eating a lot more from the 'legume family'.

Such as chickpeas! As in this bowl of chickpea, eggplant and pumpkin, with a tahini, yoghurt and sweet chilli sauce.

It hasn't all been healthy eating though (far from it). This was back at the start of Autumn in Auckland, when it was still sunny.

My birthday cake! Made by Mr Meet-Cute. This was over a month after my birthday, by the way. Not that I'm complaining.

Amazing whitebait fritters. Now that it's dark in the evenings my dinner shots are all turning out weird like this. It looks like the plate is on it's side - magical levitating fritters!

Mr Meet-Cute tried out this new technique for cooking eggs. It was a bit fiddly but worth the effort.

It's hard to go back to regular poached eggs once you've tried this version.

A delicious meal at Abla's was ended with these treats: coffee, baklava, turkish delight and halwa. I've had halwa again since this with some friends and no one else was into it. Which was great for me because I love it. Like eating delicious sand.

Snacks at home: hummus on toast and eggs on toast, tea on the side.

Takeaway treat from Milkwood.


Eggs benedict, smothered in hollandaise, in Auckland. I love how kiwi cafes always have eggs benedict on the menu.

Cauliflower fritters topped with salmon for lunch, also in Auckland. I rarely go out for lunch, it's usually dinner or more likely breakfast. I'm pretty lucky to have some fantastic breakfast options in my neighbourhood. I'm mulling over doing a post that will round up some of my favourites. Stay tuned foodie blog readers!


  1. Yammmm!, autumn was a good season for greeds.

  2. oh my, all the food in this post is making me hungry! The Cauliflower fritters look particularly good.


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