Thursday, January 5, 2012

New York Parks (and Recreation)

Mr Meet-Cute and I ambled along the Highline Park on one of our last afternoons in New York. It didn't seem to be as crowded as some of the other more touristy places we visited, which added to the relaxed afternoon vibe.

See that cape that girl to the left is wearing? I want one like that.

I also loved the surrounding neighbourhood of Chelsea. It's where I'd want to live if I had riches to please a King.


  1. i've never heard the term, "riches to please a king." heehee! i am sure if you wanted to, you could afford chelsea =)

    ps. i see you are reading one of my favorite books. enjoyyyyyyy!

  2. this comment in no way relates to this (awesome) post, but when i saw this i thought of you -


  3. Thanks Samantha, I'm never quite sure whether a turn of phrase is universal, or whether it's particular to my part of the world. I know I've picked up quite a few new ones since living in Australia - most of them a bit too 'colourful' for blog use!

    Mallory - that cushion is awesome! I'd love that print on a tote too… and a t.shirt!


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