Friday, January 20, 2012


I love the idea of starting your own traditions. For Mr Meet-Cute and I, our Christmas tradition is to get a massive ham which we eat for weeks afterwards. The first two weeks of January we were eating variations of ham for pretty much every single meal. Hence, the season of 'Hamuary'. After way too many meals of ham and quinoa salad I tried to get a bit more inventive.

We finished up the last of the ham with Nigella's homemade oaty rolls and a platter of cream cheese, cornichons, and these marinated mushrooms from foodie blog Hungry & Frozen. So. Good.

See you next year, Hamuary!

{recipe video here}

{recipe here}


  1. oooh did you write out the recipe cards yourself? love!


  2. I miss hamuary already. Nigella's buns were wholesome and filling.


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