Thursday, January 19, 2012

New year, fresh face

New colours! I have decided that my love affair with pastels ends now! Kinda… I'm trying to move on by embracing these bright, tropical colours, which lately I have been becoming more and more drawn to.

Gorman Astrid cardigan in electric lime // "L.O.V.E. Banana" video João Brasil feat. Lovefoxxx // Emily Green's colour pop necklaces // Cheap Monday Alex Stripe Moss tee // the Taco Truck bold lettering & aztec colours // Gorman Ring bikini top and high waisted bikini bottom - trés tropical.


  1. ooooh! love the new colors! i never heard of gorman? i want that bathing suit!


    1. I adore tropical colours too! That bikini is amazing. I have the pants in the same print!

    2. Thanks guys! I know those pants you speak of Kitiya and they are awesome.

      Samantha - you must check out Gorman! I'm pretty lucky to live in the city where they are based so there are a lot of Gorman shops around. They are my weakness!

  2. I like the new logo Banana Meet Cute and the Cheap Monday T shirt is ace too.

  3. Yes bring on colour! I was obsessed with flouro brights last years. Cool logo.


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