Friday, October 7, 2011

Spendy Spenderson

I know everyone keeps saying this, but this year is FLYING BY! Seriously. For me this means that my overseas trip to the US of A is even closer and I really need to tighten my belt. My great plan of saving before I leave has not been going well at all. Probably something to do with all these things I keep 'accidentally' buying online…

Twenty Seven Names for Glassons sunglasses (that I wrote about here) and floral print trousers. It was quite tough only ordering these two things - Glassons online is looking so good! Not to mention that money raised through purchases from their Cure Shop Collection goes towards the Breast Cancer Cure Research Trust.

Nature Baby Hei Tiki t.shirt. In LA I'll be catching up with some old friends, and meeting their new baby, who judging from the photos I've seen is the cutest baby ever! And, seeing as he is half kiwi, he will need some Aotearoa inspired baby-wear. This is actually quite organised of me to have this sorted already *pats self on back smugly*

In even more smug forward planning, I have ordered this to be blasted this year on December 25!

Dawn Tan's meaty pillowcases - I saw these at a market Dawn was involved with earlier in the year and couldn't stop thinking about how awesome they were. So I had to get in touch with her to see if I could order my own - and I could! This photo is from Dawn's blog, but once my own pillowcases arrive I will very likely be sharing them here!

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  1. Ooh lots of lovely goodies! I think we both inherited the spendy spenderson gene. Meaty pillows, they're cray cray! Very cool though xx


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