Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Times Square

Reasons why blogging is awesome: After I wrote about the Times Square soundtrack a while ago, and the fact that none of the dvd stores round these parts have the film, I heard from Jess who offered to send me copy!

I'm a huge fan of eighties teen films, and I absolutely love seeing anything that's set in eighties New York - it just looks so dirty and exciting! So this film ticked a lot of boxes for me. Plus, I am counting down the days until my own trip to New York, though I realise Times Square looks nothing like this anymore…

Thanks so much Jess for the Times Square hook up!


  1. Haha, what is this film even about?? It looks awesome. I love your description about '80s movies lookin' dirty, it's so true. (When are you coming to NY again?? Exciting!)

  2. Ooh I'm dying to see this movie ever since an NZ film director told me it was in his top ten! I searched high and low for a copy of the DVD online to no avail :-( New York, 80's, punks - sounds right up my alley!


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