Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Photography Lessons

Mr Meet-Cute has become obsessed lately with buying old cameras online, and I really want to learn more about photography, so he has been teaching me all about F stops, shutter speeds, and getting that needle thingy you see through the lens to line up in the middle. These photos are the results of one of our 'photography class' excursions, taken on a gloomy Winter afternoon at the Melbourne Botanic Gardens using a 1970s era Praktica camera.

I got a bit snap-happy and finished my roll of film within 20 minutes! Luckily we also had a digital camera with us - no film required for that.


  1. I really like picture 4! And they are all good for the first time!

    One of my best friend also has this Praktica camera you used, she had it when she visited me this summer, I remember it seemed so heavy to carry for me!

  2. Great Photos Banana Meet Cute, shame there is only 24 shots to a roll sometimes.


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