Friday, August 5, 2011

Dogs in Hats

Just some dogs in hats to end the week on. Seen here. If only more 'people clothes' looked this good being modelled by dogs - think of the possibilities! Thinking about dog models reminds me of my family's old dog Jazz (short for Jasmine), and how my mum would text me saying things like Just took Jazzy to the dog groomers. She looks like a SUPERMODEL!!

So there you go - dogs in hats, and a silly story to end the week. Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Aw sooo cute! Yes Jazzy was such a glamour - esp. the tinsel around her neck at Christmas time!

  2. i can't resist a good dog in a hat...unfortunately, my dog is obese and has a tiny head, so most don't fit her! haha

  3. Hi LoulouBlue - I miss Jazzy!

    Ella - Your dog sounds very cute! I love rotund dogs :)

  4. OMG, we had a cat named Jasmine - whom the vet soon told us was actually a male - so we started calling him Jazz! :)

    Love these dogs.


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