Friday, March 18, 2011

Totes totes!

{Bonjour Tote from MMMG}

{Our Workshop Grid Tote}

{from Hellopenny}

Canvas tote bags are my favourite. I have a few that I use that are usually pretty messy because I don't get around to washing them as much as I should. I would like one of each of the above and then that would be a tote bag for every day of the week!

I also really love these baggu duck bags, available from here.

After having had totes on the brain all week, I just saw that Johanna from the amazing Bonjour Johanna blog is holding a tote bag workshop. Man I wish I could attend. If I weren't as far away from Z├╝rich as you can possibly get, then I would *totes* be first in line!


  1. Thanks you for posting about our workshop & what you wrote is so funny (I imagined you ready for a run ! lol)

    The canevas tote bags are also my favorite, I love the one Hello Penny.

    have a nice day,


  2. I love these, I could really use a new canvas tote, thanks for the inspiration!! :)

  3. Thanks Johanna!

    And Sally, thanks for your comment. I can't get enough canvas tote bags!


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