Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fluoro Statement

Fluoro amazingness! These necklaces are by french designer Blandine Bardeau from her Fluorescent Monkeys and Other Funky Chickens collection. From now on when I hear the words 'statement piece' this is what I'll think of.


  1. I already saw this necklace, I'm in love with them! The technic used to make them really remember me of some of the Ghanean braceletes I have + the "scoubidou" of my childhood.
    Sadly there are really expensive, no ?

  2. Yes, there's one shop in Melbourne that sells them but they are about $180 which is pretty 'exxie' (as the Aussies say!)

    I just had to look up 'scoubidou' and that technique looks very similar to these, definitely the same materials. Inspiring stuff!


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