Thursday, January 1, 2015

Instagrams '14

Happy New Year every-buddy! This year sure has been a blur. Thinking back to the start of 2014, my two big goals were to find a new house, and wean Ray off his feeding tube. I'm SO happy to say that both of these things were accomplished!


There was a vicious heatwave in January, with temperatures of 40 degrees four days in a row. UG.

There were plenty of pool visits to cool off.

Toasting the 'cool change' when it finally hit.


Ray turned one! We survived his first year, and had a party to celebrate. Ray was in the party zone!

And he got some pretty cute passport photos taken.

Dry hot days at the park.


Ray and I had a trip to New Zealand, where it was considerably cooler.


We moved to our new place before Easter, and this was our moving day breakfast.

{ MAY }

We went to New Zealand at Easter time and Ray loved playing on the beach and visiting all his grandparents.

I loved the saltwater hot pools.

We spent a few days in beautiful Queenstown.

Feeding ducks and making friends.

{ JUNE }

Keeping cosy at home.

Winter meals with wine.

We escaped Winter for a bit and went to the Cook Islands for my Dad's birthday.

Dog Patrol! Our friendly dog pal.

{ JULY }

Back home again and rugging up in the cold.


Early signs of Spring. I love it when the jasmine starts to bloom.


Coffee and doughnut treats in our new 'hood.

Lovely Spring garden.

Ray started walking which meant a lot of time spent at the park.


Furry face.

Amazing jasmine hedge.

Toy chaos.


Backyard mussel feast.

More fun at the park, this time back in New Zealand again.

At the beach with my parents. My Dad was catching flounder.

I finally met my friend's dog Thelma, the best dog ever!


Ray has gotten really into climbing now!

I got Mr Meet-Cute Simpsons monopoly and we played a game on Christmas Day.

And we ate pulled pork and 'slaw.

We spent a few days in Phillip Island.

The last day of 2014 I got a new bike so I could get a baby seat for Ray. It's so fun riding with my small pal on the back! I'm looking forward to lots more of this during 2015!


  1. What a great post Miss Meet-Cute! Such great photos and memories of this year. Its been a bit of a blur but I am glad you have managed to sum it up so well. Looking forward to 2015 with you guys. Let the good times roll!

  2. Wow is it that time already?! Time flies. AWESOME photos, they are beautiful. What a busy year! You should make a book :-) x

  3. Awww! Finally on your blog. This is super cute!


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