Monday, January 26, 2015


At the beginning of Spring some good friends got married in Daylesford, a beautiful country town an hour out of Melbourne. It was the first wedding for our family of three. We dressed Ray up in the cutest little bow tie, which was soaked through with dribble after about five minutes.

The morning after the wedding we headed to the Daylesford Markets, which are held every Sunday behind the railway station.

There was such a good selection of plants. Unfortunately because our car was full to the brim with baby items I couldn't really buy much. Ray does not travel light!

A bumper crop of BSC's.

These Ken Done placemats were the find of the day.

This quiche was damn good washed down with a delicious juice.

We spotted so many lil' sausage dogs here! Daylesford is my kind of town.

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