Friday, December 12, 2014

Cute Stuff #7

There's an awful lot of Christmassy cuteness out there at this time of year.

Like this cheery collection of tree ornaments by Alice Oehr and Rittle.

And these festive goodies from craft Queen Kitiya Palaskas.

Rittle artist Ellie King's new webshop Pieces 4 Places is full of covetable Christmas goodies, like this Jessilla Rogers Trophy Vessel, and Rittle soft sculpture.

The new wall ornaments from Beneath the Sun are just too cute for words.

Years ago I had a poster by New Zealand artist Tanja McMillan, aka Misery, but she's been off my radar for the past few years. Now after having kids she's created the Misery Guts line for 'Little Humans'. I'm loving these wall hangings - cute, with just a bit of an edge.

This is seven year old artist Yung Lenox, 'foremost doodler of rap' who is donating all sales from his 'Killa' print this year to the Seattle Children's Hospital Toy Program. I really love this idea. Despite having just posted a list of stuff that I wish I could own (I just really love stuff!), now that I'm a Mum I want to instil in Ray the importance of being generous and giving.

I was following the Facehunter instagram feed while he visited some of my favourite parts of New Zealand, and made them look even more insanely beautiful than I remember.

Also lately I've been:
Listening to the Miss Moss December music mix and loving the summer party vibes!
Watching High Maintenance. I love the format of this show.
Reading about Chris Pratt talking about his premature son. Having Ray early made me realise how common premature births are. It even happens to celebs!

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