Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Birthday helper

It was Mr Meet-Cute's birthday last month and Ray helped me with decorating and wrapping some presents.

We used these 'playon' crayons, that are good for little hands. Ray was quite interested in how they tasted. Not so much with the scribbling on the paper.

He was quite good at putting the 'finishing touch' stickers on the parcels after they were wrapped. He also contributed some lovely dribble spots.

The card!

The cake! I used this recipe to make a delicious, moist orange cake with a crunchy top. I felt it needed a bit more birthday festive-ness though so I added the heap of chocolate ganache to top it off.


  1. You and Mr Meet-cute's cards are so great! I know I keep saying so but you really should make some to sell!

  2. I loved my gifts and the effort that went into them. Thanks Banana Meet Cute & Helper


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