Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Old Neighbourhood

When Mr Meet-Cute and I moved to Melbourne 5 years ago we got an apartment in North Fitzroy, where we stayed until a few months ago, by which time we were three. Although I loved the area, our place was way too small once Ray came along. I'll always remember the epic walks around the neighbourhood when Ray was small and would nap for hours in his pram.

Walks in Edinburgh Gardens were an almost daily occurrence. So many hours spent walking those paths!

I was surprised to see hibiscus bushes when I came here as I thought it only grew in tropical climates. I made the mistake of picking some, but hibiscus wilts as soon as it's picked, so it's best enjoyed while still growing.

I loved watching the foliage on this house change with the seasons.

My favourite second hand bookstore is in this block, and that cafe is one of many in North Fitzroy which features in scenes from Offspring. I still can't believe I never came across the show filming on any of my epic walks.

I wholeheartedly endorse both El Chino and Pinotta for being extremely yummy.

Wacky place I came across on one of my Ray walks.

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