Friday, October 17, 2014

Cute Stuff #6

Some new cute stuff I've been into lately.

The Seychelles dress by Twenty-seven Names

and these similar dresses from Obus. What a rad summer uniform they would make.

This happy pillow from Gorman's Home Time range.

It's much too early to be talking about 2015 calendars, I know, but the Ask Alice Annual Charity Calendar is available for pre-order, and it's a beauty.

Hungry for That. I wish I could dive right into that bottom photo, mouth first.

I have been really into the new Jamie Oliver series, Comfort Food. That's him and Caitlin Moran ogling his toasted cheese sandwich, above, which was an amazing episode. The series, and cookbook is all about taking retro, run of the mill dishes and making them spectacularly, over the top. That cheese sandwich was so impressive.

1 comment:

  1. Perfect calendar for Ray! I love it. Yummy looking foodie pics too mmm...


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