Thursday, August 28, 2014

Go-To Nite

I don't think I've ever posted about beauty products before (that's more my sister's forté), but I feel the need to share these incredible Go-To Skincare products. The line was started by Zoë Foster Blake, ex beauty editor and hilarious author of Amazing Face. You wouldn't think a book on skincare mumbo jumbo would be so readable, but Zoë is bloody hilar. My Mum and I both follow her instagram, where we found out about a Go-To Skincare event which was held last Friday. Not something I would normally attend, but as my Mum has been in town we jumped at the chance to have a girly, fancy night out. At first during the Q&A I felt way over my head, as skincare can get pretty scientific and I had no idea what everyone was on about. But then the discussion swinged to blackheads and dark circles under the eyes and things became much more relevant to me.

Here we are being fancy ladies clinking our 'bubblegumtini's'. And then taking photos of our photo on the social media wall. Very exciting!

So I walked away with a few 'prods' at the end of the evening. They all smell like roses and oranges and leave your skin feeling great. The 'Properly Clean' face wash is a favourite. It doesn't leave your skin with that tight feeling, and it certainly lives up to it's name. My skin feels SO clean. The lip balm is also super lovely, and would be a great small gift for yourself or a pal. The range is only available online right now. I've been stalking the website for a while wanting to order stuff, but I do like seeing sizes and things irl before committing to buy. It's quite a small range at the moment, just the basics to promise you better, healthier and nicer smelling skin!

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  1. That looked like such a great night! I've never bought any makeup or skincare books but I LOVE Zoe's 'Amazing Face' that you got me. Must check out her range :-) I'm even more into skincare now I'm over 40 ... a good routine deffo makes a difference!


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