Thursday, May 9, 2013


I attended a little weaving craft-a-night with the super talented and lovely Maryanne, who you may have read about a few weeks ago on the Design Files. This is a work in progress shot of my first little piece, I was too excited about these new skillz to wait any longer to share it. Weaving is so fun, and rewarding! After struggling with learning to crochet earlier this year, and pottery classes all last year, I have to say, weaving is something that you can get amazing results from right away. Though, if you've seen Maryanne's awesome weaving on instagram, you'll see that I still have heaps of room for improvement!

I'll share the finished results as soon as I'm done with this little guy. In the meantime, here are some inspiring shots of the lady herself, working her dreamweaving magic.

Photos from the Design Files

And some pieces from one of Maryanne's influences, New Friends. The colours and textures used in these are amazing.

All photos from New Friends

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