Monday, April 29, 2013

Ray Ready

The Ray Readying has been going well. Now we just need Ray to come home!

I just love woolly blankets. We're getting quite the collection.

Framed print from my Mum, via Hello Polly

My sweet friend Roses made this cute embroidery

A dugong toy for the Tiny Dugong! From Ray's Godmother

Much coveted Beci Orpin dream catcher from Ray's Aunt

 Toys! I always had heaps of toys when I was little, and it looks like Ray will be the same.

Tiny Dugong sneak peek!

Ray's due date is next Sunday, and I am really hoping he will be home before then. We are so ready!! I really thought he'd be home by now, so it's really hard still having to say goodbye to him and leave him in the hospital every day. He had been going so well, just growing and chubbing up nicely. Then a few weeks ago he caught a bug which had him moved all the way back to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. It was so unexpected. He'd just made it to the end of the Special Care Nursery, which is the area with the babies that are almost ready to go home - last stop! So it was a huge jump backwards and a massive scare. Thankfully he is all recovered now, and he's back in the Special Care Nursery again.

He's still taking his sweet time with getting strong enough to come home though. Maybe I should show him these pictures, "Look at your nice room Ray, all ready for you!"

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  1. What a gorgeous room for little Ray! He'll love it & all his little toy mates. The photos in the frame are beautiful - Mr meet-cute's handiwork I see! :-) He will be home very soon and you can start enjoying my lovely little nephew! Xxx


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