Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weekend Movie - Valley Girl

Eighties teen movies are the best! I had a weekend viewing of Valley Girl, which is famous for it's teen 'Valspeak', and also for featuring a very young Nicolas Cage in one of his first lead roles, "he's like tripendicular, ya know?"

I love this shirt of Julie's. In this scene above she tries to ensnare her crush with the line "Have you tried the sushi yet?" It doesn't work.

In the scene pictured above Julie's Dad shares some fatherly wisdom whilst working on his macramé. I loved Julie's hippy parents, who own a health food store, "Like, it's not cool at all! Like, it's all this stuff that tastes like nothing and it's supposed to be soooo good for you. Why couldn't they, like, open a Pizza Hut or something?"

Crafting up some prom decorations.

Post-prom heading to the Valley Sheridan Hotel. Anyone who has seen any teen movies (or Beverly Hills 90210) knows what that means…

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