Monday, November 1, 2010


Here are some things that I'm liking right now:

I love seeing pictures of peoples homes so I am particularly excited about Spaces, a publication from the team behind Frankie magazine. Just look at the cover - that knitted bedspread is amazing! Spaces "explores the homes, studios, shops and cafes of graphic designers, photographers, vintage collectors and shop owners. With a focus on carefully curated style" I love the sound of this! There are so many interior mags out there that show rather boring, trend following homes. I have faith in the impeccable taste of the makers of Frankie, so I just know this is going to be chock full of inspiring, original interiors.

This Baggu backpack. Though the last thing I need is another bag, I just love this backpack's simple good looks. It would be pretty handy for me during unplanned supermarket stops when I'm on my bike too, seeing as this usually results in me trying to cram too much into my bike basket and everything gets crushed or spills out.

"The Pretend Bear Doll" by The Black Apple. The little bear hood just kills me! You can tell that a lot of love and care has gone into producing this wee beauty, so it's not surprising that she's already sold out.

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