Saturday, December 28, 2013

Instagrams '13

I'm off camping tomorrow, but before I go I'm checking in with my yearly mega instagram roundup. This has been a year of highs and lows. When people describe parenthood as being a rollercoaster, they are spot on. This has been a tough year, and miserable at times, but it's also been an incredibly joyous one.


I started the year in hospital on bedrest. I got through a lot of reading, and a lot of tv. 

And I learned to crochet.


I celebrated my birthday on Valentines Day, and a week later Ray was born, and things got really mental.


Out of hospital, Mr Meet-cute took me out for a belated birthday dinner and I had my first glass of wine in almost a year. It went straight to my head!

Ray's first bath! He looks quite cross. He was about 8 weeks old before we could give him his first bath!


When I went into hospital I was only 22 weeks pregnant, so we didn't have anything organised at home. After Ray was born every day was spent visiting him in hospital, but we somehow still managed to have a garage sale and get our house and his room set up for him.

And I learnt to weave.


After 83 days in hospital, we finally got to bring Ray home.

Ray's first outing! I'm looking rather smug too.


We went for lots of Winter walks around the park and the neighbourhood.

All bundled up.


Little kicking legs!


Jasmine starting to bloom as the weather finally warms up.

Still cool enough for hot chocolates with cheese at Sonido.


Spring rain and blossom.

Porridge all round at Milkwood when my Mum came to stay.

Mr Meet-Cute's first Fathers Day. Ray and I bought him a burger and a beer.


 We went to the Dandenong Blossom Festival.

This guy!


The evenings got lighter and the weather got better.

And the park was green and full of people again.


 Very early morning at the market.

 We gave out Mr Meet-Cute's cashew nut butter to friends for Christmas.

And we made Christmas cards with this cute face on them.



  1. Great Post Banana Meet - Cute. Yes it has been a roller coaster year so far for us and Ray, lots of unexpected things cropped up but we all managed to get through them ok. I am really looking forward to the new year with you and Ray!!!!!

  2. What a gorgeous post. Bittersweet times but you made it! And Ray is a happy healthy beautiful boy, so here's to you guys! X

  3. He's a beautiful little guy, you must be so proud!


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